In the fourth part of our video series “We Design @ SQ1” we explore Phase 3 of our Design and Development process, “Pilot Production”.

During this phase we will focus on the details of getting your design to market. This includes freezing all design modifications in order to produce a pre-production batch of product for extensive internal and external testing.

In a parallel start with the build, we will begin the process of manufacturing your injection molded tools, which is one of the most costly and time consuming elements of your product development journey.

If all goes according to plan, then we will be exiting phase 3 with a fully validated and approved product which is ready for full production and commercial launch!

In the next and final video of our “We Design @ SQ1”, we will walk you through the Manufacturing Transfer process which culminates in your product finally reaching the market!

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If you have any questions on the product design and development process which are not covered in this video series, please e-mail us at or give us a call at 954-686-8174.

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